Yuki Yamazu

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Yuki Yamazu was born in the town of Terncliff to a pair of Raen citizens while it was under Garlean occupation. Yuki's youth was a rather uninteresting one, her main interest being Arcanima, delving deeply into runes and glyphs as best as she could manage. While Yuki quickly picked up on each rune, she learned of one quite large hurdle in her journey: While her own pool of aether was slightly above average, she was unable to manipulate ambient aether. If she wanted to cast a spell, she'd need to use her own pool. In time, this came to not be an issue, improving and optimizing her abilities with time.When she was 16, a Garlean recruiter was traveling through conquered territory to conscript soldiers. Yuki's studies of Aetherology caught this recruiters attention. She did her best to not end up joining, though her resisting quickly fell after insinuating threats on the girl's family if she didn't join. Without much of a choice, she was sent off to Garlemald for training. Yuki was insistent on continuing to practice her magics however, and integrated her new gunblade in her spells. She would go to create her own form of Very Primitive Red Magic of sorts. Mixing in the gunblade's swordplay and writing of very basic runes with it.Her studies of Aetherology and swordsmanship attracted the attention of Scientist and General alike, she found herself with little free time, helping scientists with her knowledge of Aether and quickly rising in the military ranks. Within a couple years of joining the ranks, she obtained full citizenship and in time became known as Yuki sas Yamazu, if her largely mage based Xth legion were ever to split up, she was in command of the smaller company, and the highest rank a citizen not of Garlean blood could achieve.After nine years of service, she saw the writing on the wall of the fall of the empire, the death of Varis and multiple legions fighting one another to achieve a seat on the throne. It took a lot of convincing, but she managed to convince the Legatus of the Xth to disband their legion. The Garlean empire was in ruins, and the best course of action was to ensure the survival of their company's crew to repay all the work that these conscripts have done for the empire. She saw too it that many of her legion made it home personally, before finally setting out home herself. Coming back to a surprisingly liberated Terncliff, the news of it's liberation being withheld at all costs from her due to fears of deserting. Even now, she's unsure if she would have left if she had been informed.Her own stay home didn't last long, just enough to catch up with her family and old friends and then she set out on her own. Taking up adventuring to try and do some good for all the harm that the empire has done, not just the other legions, but her own was certainly not innocent either. From time to time, she would come across one of her former comrades in the Xth, it was always a delight to see they were doing well.In time she found herself back in Garlemald, after the war had settled and the city itself was in ruins. She spent a lot of her time helping the downtrodden citizens of the land, spending much of her time nowadays helping the refugees around Camp Broken Glass. She held no love for the warmongering empire, in truth she was glad that it was destroyed. But it's destruction left many without a home, and she could not say the same for the people within, the scientists and Xth legion treated her quite well, well before she even earned her citizenship, and these people weren't looking to build another empire. She still partially sees herself as a Garlean citizen, though won't bring up her middle name/role unless speaking to another.



If in Venue, use typically discounter venue pricing.•Roleplay Help: If you're looking to get into RP of any kind, it can sometimes feel kind of intimidating. From just not being nervous to just being unsure/looking for thoughts on backstory. If you have questions, you can send any my way and I'll respond when I can. For helping someone get into sfw rp, I'd be more than happy to help for free if I am available. For nsfw stuff, it can be discussed.•NSFW RP: 500K/hr, might change at venues. So if working, just ask about them. I'm a switch, leaning towards sub but I can do either perfectly fine. I also might have some..unique kinks (see kinksheet) for those interested but they are 100% optional!•Pay for Session RP: WIP idea, slower, respond when able RP, likely through Discord. Pricing will vary based on SFW/NSFW and what you want from the scene. Pay in one large sum, price undecided at present.•GFE: Prices vary greatly based on what is wanted. Basically hang out for an evening doing whatever; from ERP, to venue hopping, to roulettes. Just ask me about it sometime and we can see what we can work out.•Housing: I am also a home designer, I'd be more than happy to talk about designing apartments if you're looking for ideas or feedback on your room, and I also am open for commisions to do houses, though will go into detail on that in different page.

Roleplay Hooks


•Yuki may be from Terncliff, but she left at a young age and even before then did a lot of studying, she doesn't know many of the people from there, but would be delighted to meet anybody else from the same home as hers.
•One of her greatest delights now that she is traveling is running across people from her Xth legion, or family of them.
•Yuki has always been first and foremost an Aetherologist, studying not only aether itself but interesting ways for it's use. She could easily talk about hers or another researchers findings for hours given the opportunity.
•Yuki has a soft spot for Garlean citizenry, especially after recent events. Whether you're one of the citizenship or a person looking to help them out, Yuki is more than happy to chat or lend any assistance she can muster.



I'm also looking to get more into designing houses, I primarily have built and played around with Apartments and FC rooms.I only ask that you have atleast an idea of what you want from any house that you ask me to design and build.PricingApartments/FC rooms: I am unable to make apartments for other people, but for individuals, consultation is free of charge if you're looking for thoughts, ideas, or feedbacks on your room. As for Venues looking for quality rooms, I'm always willing to make more rooms, just need to be discussed beforehand.Smalls: 5 Million Gil + Cost of Furnishings for the inside, and 2 Million Gil for the outside.Mediums: 10 Million Gil + Cost of Furnishings for the inside, and 3 Million Gil for the outside.Larges: 15 Million Gil + Cost of Furnishings for the inside, and 3 Million Gil for the outside.

Rp Prefrences


•One on one or small groups
•SFW/conversation in tells/say,
•NSFW in tells, unless in private.
•1-2 blocks per post, don't mind waiting a little between messages. Can absolutely adjust to more or less, just my own prefrences on this one.

SFW Details


Gender: Female
Name: Yuki Yamazu
Nationality: From Terncliff, though also a Garlean citizen
Marriage status: Taken
Height: 62.4 ilms, tall for an Au Ra, though not saying much
IC/OOC approach: No preference
Occupation: "Adventurer, courtesan."

NSFW Details


Dom/Sub: Sub leaning switch
Orientation: Pan/Demi
Preferences for partners: Feminine or androgynous characters
Probably won't ERP right as met unless hired. Prefers having these things being lead up to.